Employment Services

Job Training

A customized one-on one training program to assist individuals in increasing their employment opportunities.  Offered topics include: typing, computer skills (Microsoft Word or Excel), customers service skills, resume writing and cover letters, assistance with job search and filling out applications properly, and employment counseling.  Program length varies upon student’s needs.  Participants must be actively seeking employment and must go on job interview to successfully complete the program.


On-The-Job Training

A six month paid “internship” program in the clerical field.  The program is designed to give unemployed individuals hands on work experience at our Aurora Administrative Office or Elgin CSBG and Early Head Start offices.



The program assists with transportation costs for working individuals to maintain employment.  Must be employed a minimum of 25 hours per week for the past 3 months and receive pay checks with hours listed.  Assistance can be given in the form of bus passes, gasoline vouchers, car repairs and car insurance.  For car assistance, must have a valid driver’s license and car registration and insurance in your name.


CSBG Income Guidelines
Intake Application (English)
Intake Application (Spanish)

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