Head Start

headstartThe Two Rivers Head Start Agency (TRHSA) Head Start program promotes the school readiness of young children from low-income families in 8 distinct communities across a 5-county region of northern Illinois.

School readiness is defined as children being ready for school, along with their families being ready to support their children’s learning, as measured by skills set out in 5 key domains:

  • Language and Literacy
  • Cognition and General Knowledge
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Physical Development and Health
  • Social and Emotional Development

The TRHSA Head Start program supports the mental, social, and emotional development of children from age 3 to 5 by offering children and their families a variety of comprehensive services, which include:

  • Screenings and follow-up for health, development, and behavior
  • Social and emotional health
  • Nutrition
  • Family goal-setting
  • Transition services
  • Services for children with disabilities

These comprehensive services are delivered in a learning environment that is individualized to support children’s growth, and is responsive to each child and family’s ethnic, cultural, and linguistic heritage.

TRHSA encourages the role of parents as their child’s first and most important teachers. The TRHSA Head Start program builds relationships with families that support positive parent-child relationships, family well-being, and connections to peers and community.

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